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Daily Drop

The Crypto realm is full of complicated mathematics that evolve at lightning speed. This is run by tech developers who have disrupted the global economy, while simultaneously confusing the entire population with a new language that very few understand.

Bobby explores the latest innovation and speaks with the dynamic personalities leading us into this new, untamed frontier. You’ll hear from the leading minds and cutting edge entrepreneurs who have block-chained their way to immense fortune in this new ‘Wild West’.

Rather than tell you what to do, The Daily Drop focuses on awareness. Few barriers exist in the Crypto world like they do in the minds of many who are lost in all of the jargon.


Meet The Host


Bobby Del Rio is a top social media influencer, with a large presence in the blockchain.

A 20+ year film/tv career exploded during the pandemic, launching Bobby in Hollywood through the social audio platform Clubhouse. He quickly became one of the world's top social audio personalities - becoming one of the most followed, interviewed and in-demand influencers on the planet.

Bobby's social media rise created many entrepreneurial opportunities: where Bobby became obsessed with the blockchain. He will be a guest speaker at Hane Saga in Las Vegas in February, giving a keynote speech on disrupting Hollywood finance through crypto & NFTs.

Bobby is attached to elite blockchain investment teams in Los Angeles, Miami, Hong Kong & London, England.

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