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Boom and Bust With Tony Clement

Boom and Bust

Former Canadian Minister of Industry and Health, The Honourable Tony Clement, investigates the complexities of Canadian and global political and economic systems and examines their effect on everyday Canadians.

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Boom and Bust With Tony Clement

Meet The Host


The Honourable Tony Clement has had a long and distinguished career, spanning four decades in politics, law, and business.

Tony was a long-standing member of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Cabinet (2006-2015). He served in a variety of senior roles including as Minister of Health, Industry, and as President of the Treasury Board. He was instrumental in creating the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and the Mental Health Commission, opening up the telecom market, crafting Canada’s digital and open data strategies, as well as balancing the federal budget.

Prior to federal politics Tony served in the cabinets of Ontario Premiers Mike Harris and Ernie Eves (1997-2003), taking leadership positions as Minister of Transportation, Minister of the Environment, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.

As a business entrepreneur he has led IT companies and has provided strategic advice both nationally and internationally. He continues to operate in international circles, with strong connections in the USA, UK, Europe, South America and Asia. He also currently hosts the podcast “And Another Thing”, with co-host Jodie Jenkins.

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